Friday, April 22, 2011


This event will take place on June 11, 2011.  It is a kayaking downriver race.  Walk ups in Loop B-C are available and recommend for all overnight camping.  Fish Creek and Knife Edge bathroom facilities will be used when accessing the river itself.  Designated campground restrooms and trash receptacles will also be utilized.  

The event schedule includes the following activities:
·         Morning Yoga with a certified Yoga instructor, Alley Fontenot at the Pavilion
·         All competitors for the Kayak Competition are required to register.  The participant will make a donation to cover their insurance for the event.  A description of the race will be posted and explained, numbers will be written on participants kayaks and a list of all participants will be made.  Registration will end after a brief whitewater safety talk.
·         All kayak competitors will meet at Fish Creek River Access at 12 pm (Idaho time).  The downriver race will start at 1 pm.
·         Volunteers time keeping will be at Fish Creek and Split Creek.
·         Safety kayakers will float along with participants.  A minimum of 10 safety kayakers equipped with throw bags will be required for the time of the competition.
·         After the competition is completed all participants are required to take out at Knife Edge River Access.
·         Awards ceremony
·         Lights out and power off at the Pavilion at or before 10 pm.

This kayak competition will benefit the public by giving them the opportunity to witness how an incredible whitewater community utilizes the magnificent and mighty Lochsa River every spring.  Other campers will be more than welcome to join the festivities.  Lochsa River festival organization will respect and follow all campground rules.

The Annual Lochsa River Festival will be a respected event because all participants will help keep the river, campground, pavilion, and all river access areas free of litter, waste and abuse.  Leave No Trace is our motto here.

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